Regional Detention Basin

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The District helped to solve drainage issues for commercial property owners and schools on Egypt Lane. The Regional Detention Basin Partnership addressed drainage issues for a local school, church and a business and shopping development.

Due to repeat flooding in the area east of Egypt Lane and North of Research Forest Drive, in 2017 the District performed an investigation to determine what could be done to address the major drainage issues.  District representatives met with commercial and religious groups in the impact area and these parties agreed to work together. After numerous designs and modifications, it was agreed to create a large detention basin to resolve the flooding issues behind Home Depot and between Ellisor Elementary School and The Crossing Church on the other side of a natural gulley.

At a cost of nearly $1,200,000 proportionately split among the areas to utilize the basin, The WMPID (on behalf of Magnolia Independent School District), Egypt Land Developments, L.P., and The Crossing Church entered into a cost sharing agreement. After several drainage modifications, easement agreements, site access challenges and wet weather, construction began in mid-2018.

The project was completed in April of 2019 and has prevented new flooding issues in this area. WMPID agreed to manage the project, as well as, to maintain the basin. This was a positive collaboration with shared finances and resources to improve the community within the District and beyond!