Research Forest Drive Extension

Research Forest Extension MapIn cooperation with the County and Commissioner Craig Doyal, in order to improve mobility in the area, the WMPID was asked if they could fund the 1 mile extension of Research Forest Drive between Branch Crossing and Egypt Lane. The estimated cost was $3,087,000 and the county simply did not have the money to fund the project. The project was approved in 2012 and completed before the 2012 Christmas season starting with Black Friday. The extension significantly increased the shopping and business in the District.

Since the road has been open, numerous residents from both The Woodlands and Westwood have let it be known how great the opening of the road for them was. In addition to personal usage, this extension allows sheriff, fire, and ambulance services to access many areas on both sides in a much shorter time. This shorter time can be the difference between life and death in many cases.

At the completion of the project, the actual road was turned over to the county for all future maintenance.