Business Support

The Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District supports local businesses by creating infrastructure improvements that make it easier for people to travel to and shop within the district. 

For example, WMPID projects have resulted in a significant revenue increase at the Westwood Village Shopping Center ($1.494 billion in District revenue, 38% of which is attributable to this access). As infrastructure improvements connect surrounding cities to businesses within the District, there are continued opportunities for increased revenue generation.

Saving Businesses Money

WMPID business members have also saved money through the work of WMPID. For example, WMPID’s agreement with the City of Conroe allowed landowners to avoid annexation and Conroe city property taxes through 2036.

In addition, WMPID paid for a ladder truck, which resulted in better fire safety ratings and lower insurance costs for local businesses. 

Improving Public Safety

Businesses thrive when community members feel safe on the road, and while shopping and dining. WMPID has promoted public safety by investing in new lights and turn signals, and by financially supporting the police substation at the Westwood Village Shopping Center. Businesses and community members benefit from this increased sense of security.

Solving Problems

WMPID is known for solving problems quickly. Business and landowners bring challenges to WMPID and benefit from fast response times. As an example, WMPID was instrumental in solving drainage issues that were causing problems for a local church and school, while making further business development possible. 

A Resource and Connector 

Business and landowners are invited to contact WMPID for assistance, or to be connected with local economic development partners. By doing so, businesses can receive help with site selection, problem-solving, and can get access to grants and other financial incentives.

Apply for a Grant

The Westwood Magnolia Improvement District (WMPID) has grants available to help local business and landowners. The WMPID Board of Directors establishes a set of priorities that the organization hopes to achieve, and has allocated grant dollars accordingly. As an example, funds were given to the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership to assist with land preservation and the promotion of ecotourism within the District.

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