The Westwood Magnolia Improvement District (WMPID) funds and completes infrastructure projects that benefit businesses, landowners and community members located within the District. Road projects, public safety and beautification projects all contribute to the strong infrastructure within the District.

In addition, there are a variety of providers working to deliver energy, natural gas, communications and water services to those located within the region. 


Water is an ample resource in the District, coming from both deep underground wells and surface water from Lake Conroe. In the nearby Woodlands, the Woodlands Joint Powers Agency is the central management agency for the eleven Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that currently serve The Woodlands in Montgomery County.

CLICK HERE to view map of water and sewer utilities by address.

Water providers include:

  • Aqua Water - (281) 651-0174
  • H-M-W SUD - (281) 356-5060
  • Monarch Utilities I LP - 866-654-7992
  • Quadvest - (281) 356-5347
  • T & W Water Service Co.- (936) 756-7400
  • Woodland Oaks Utility Co Inc - (281) 259-5054
  • Westwood No WSC - (936) 321- 7766

Energy & Natural Gas

There are multiple energy and natural gas providers within the District. They include:

TV and Broadband

Multiple providers maintain a regional office and specialized data lines are available to handle today’s high-tech communications demands. There is a high penetration rate within the region with all major networks, premium and other channels available as well as digital cable service and high speed internet.

  • AT&T - (281) 259-3023
  • Comcast - (713) 341-1000
  • Consolidated Communications - (281) 860-2773
  • Direct TV - (877) 299-9320
  • Suddenlink - (844) 874-7558
  • T-Mobile - (281) 934-0400
  • Xfinity - (800) 934-6489

Planning and Zoning

Texas is famous for a lack of zoning, but not lacking in planning.  Next door to us is The Woodlands, arguably one of the most successful planned communities in the world, as many of their awards attest. As a District, we are investigating just what we are able to do, to guide development and not to stifle it.  We are planning more beautification and safety projects, including the expansion of FM 1488, along with landscaping the planned, raised median.