Targeted Businesses

The District is actively supporting economic development activities within its boundaries.  Retail is a primary driver for the area and it brings revenue in from throughout the region, including the nearby Woodlands. Still, other businesses complement Retail, and give people reasons to be in the District more often than just for shopping.  The goal is for the District to be a destination that people want and need to spend time in. That way, everybody wins.

Targeted Businesses that Would Do Well Within the District 

All types of businesses are likely to succeed within the District. This is one of the fastest growing areas in Texas, with population growth that has created demands in nearly all industries. Certain industries have been identified as having the greatest demand. They include:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Service-based businesses
  • Hotels

In addition, as the population continues to expand, there are growth opportunities in the medical and financial sectors.

Prime Location

With a location less than an hour from Houston, the District is also an ideal destination for corporate headquarters. Companies looking for space to spread out will do well to consider the District as a desirable destination. 

Mixed-Use Residential

Millennials and retirees have both expressed a desire to live where they shop and dine. The District is an excellent location for mixed-use residential/commercial development. 

All Industries Welcome

WMPID supports all types of businesses. With a focus on creating a win-win, WMPID offers support, direct assistance and financial incentives to make moving or expanding within the District an attractive and viable option. Contact us for more information.