Local Incentives

“Our best incentive is our willingness to  help a business/entity to come here.  We will help them with construction, infrastructure, and safety concerns.”

Rob Eissler, Executive Director Westwood Magnolia Improvement District 

WMPID also has examples of passing through property taxes. This helped Regency (Target Center) to develop their secondary businesses.  

WMPID has paid for road construction for HEB with the sales tax revenue that’s been produced, and has also made road improvements up front.  

WMPID is willing to enter into Section 380 agreements, where subsequent sales tax revenues are used to reimburse development.  

“We are in the Win-Win business.”

Rob Eissler, Executive Director Westwood Magnolia Improvement District

Business Incentives

Local financial, tax and workforce incentives are offered to qualifying businesses. For information on these incentives contact the Executive Team. Additional incentives are available from Montgomery County.

In addition, Texas offers a variety of incentives for businesses looking to grow in the state.

View state incentives here