Businesses locating within the District have easy access to a large, educated and skilled workforce. 

There are more than 987,000 potential employees within a 30 mile radius of the District and more than two million workers available in Houston’s Harris County directly to the south. Businesses benefit from tapping into this large workforce, and from the ability to recruit directly out of Lone Star College University Center, LSC-Conroe Center, and Sam Houston State University: The Woodlands - all within 20 minutes of the District. 

Highly Educated Workforce

Within a 10-minute drive of the District, 57 percent of adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Within a 20-minute drive, 39 percent of adults have reached this level of educational attainment. 

Skilled Workforce

In addition to highly educated workers, the surrounding community offers access to a workforce that is highly skilled. Historically, this region was a destination for manufacturing and agriculture - two industries where workers are trained in how to operate equipment and to conduct set processes for maximum efficiency and productivity. That same work ethic and strength is available today in the local workforce. 

Workforce Training

Businesses looking to train their workforce on how to utilize new equipment, or to prepare them for modern advancements in the workplace, benefit from immediate access to the Lone Star College - Conroe Center. The Center conducts ongoing workforce training on behalf of businesses, offers a wide variety of courses, and has space available for businesses looking to conduct their own training program. Lone Star College Montgomery is just to the east of the District and has complementary programs that are offered by the Lone Star College System, headquartered nearby in The Woodlands.