How to Use Our Report Maker

Links to your customized GIS maps can be obtained by clicking the red “Share Report” button in the map's top right corner. 

To use this convenient tool, do the following:

Step 1:

Visit the first page you want included in the report.

Step 2:

Click “Add to Report” – This is a white button with red text. If successful, an alert will show up saying that the page was “added to the report.”

add to report

Step 3:

Visit other pages you want added to the report and repeat step #2.

view custom report

Step 4:

When on the last page, select the button for “View Custom Report.”

Step 5:

Click on the settings icon to customize the report and to create a cover page.

cover page

Step 6:

Select the print or PDF icon at the top to print or save the report.


Step 7:

Share in person or by email.

Congratulations! You’re done.