Infrastructure Improvements Benefit Our Entire Community

The Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) was formed in 2003 to support infrastructure and public safety projects in the area of the FM 1488/2978 junction. Through legislation and individual volunteer annexations the District has increased in size from 313 to nearly 3,000 commercial and residential acres. As a partnership between local governments and the state, WMPID is focused exclusively on local projects that directly benefit the businesses and community members living, working, and shopping in the area. 

As a local organization, WMPID can quickly identify needs and then fund local infrastructure improvements to address them. Growth within the District has been remarkable and WMPID’s infrastructure projects have helped to make that possible. For example, the extension of Research Forest Drive made it easier for people to access shopping attractions within the District, generating $1.494 billion in revenue, 38% of which is attributable to this access.