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Westwood Village Shopping Center Photo

Westwood Village Shopping Center

The Westwood Village Shopping Center is the retail centerpiece of the Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District. Target is the anchor store for this shopping center.

The official groundbreaking for the project was July 1, 2006 and construction was completed in 2007 in time for the holiday season starting with Black Friday.  Today, the shopping center features numerous stores including office, clothing, pet, consumer goods, Target and a Gold’s Fitness Center as well as a number of fast food restaurants and sit down restaurants. The shopping center has been a big success based upon the increasing tax revenue coming from it each year.

In addition, the WMPID worked out an arrangement with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department to fund a full time office person in the storefront command center for the sheriff’s office. This office now has complete police internet capabilities and officers in the area can now file their reports at this location. There are also several dedicated sheriff office’s parking spots. This storefront center serves three main functions: 1) residents in the area can now walk into or phone this office for help and information, 2) law officers now have a local place to file their reports which saves them a great deal of time not having to run clear back to Magnolia or Conroe, 3) the physical presence of the storefront and the movement of officers in and out of the storefront make lawbreakers think twice about causing problems in the area.

The Westwood Village Shopping Center is still growing and is helping the area as a whole grow. The overall result of this besides having a great place to shop and eat, is that it increases sales tax revenues help to keep property taxes as low as possible.

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