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Police Substation And Security Photo

Police Substation And Security

When the Westwood Village Shopping Center was in its design stages, the WMPID asked Regency Centers (the owners of the shopping center) if they would allocate some space for a sheriff sub-station. They agreed to provide the space but the sheriff’s office stated that they simply could not fund a full time office person to man the storefront. The WMPID then decided to pay the yearly cost of this person to increase the presence of the sheriff’s office in the area. Although it took some time to finally get the police internet installed in the storefront, today the storefront is a fully staffed and operational sheriff’s sub-station operating out of the storefront. This is a continuing yearly expense for the WMPID and they are happy to do it.

WMPID funded Sheriff’s Substation would get extremely warm when West sun would shine in all afternoon. They made a request to the District to tint windows but still be able to see through to outside. The District approved the request and WMPID Decals where added to the windows as well. The cost was just over $1300 and deputies and administrative staff have a comfortable space to perform their duties while out of their vehicles and still keep an eye on the happenings outside the station!

This sub-station serves three main functions:

  • Residents in the area can now walk into or phone this office for help and information
  • Law officers now have a local place to file their reports which saves them a great deal of time not having to run clear back to Magnolia or Conroe
  • The physical presence of the storefront and the movement of officers in and out of the storefront make lawbreakers think twice about causing problems in the area.

Enhancing the safe and secure shopping environment is one of the District’s top priorities.  In addition to the sheriff’s substation personnel, WMPID pays for full-time deputies and patrol cars to improve the safety of the many businesses located in WMPID and their visiting patrons.  Such police presence also benefits the surrounding residential areas.

The 2019 budget for the police substation staff, deputies, and vehicles is $310,000.  As the District boundaries expand and more commercial property landowners join WMPID, it is our intent to add additional deputies as needed.

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