Every Week is Economic Development Week in Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District

Every Week is Economic Development Week in Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District Main Photo

23 Apr 2021


The sixth annual National Economic Development Week is May 9-15, 2021. National Economic Development Week was created in 2016 by the International Economic Development Council — the largest professional membership organization for economic developers — to recognize the unique role that economic development has in creating vibrant communities with strong economies. 

For Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID), this week marks a time to reflect on all that the District has accomplished, even during the pandemic.

WMPID’s driving community and economic mission is to:

  1. Support business growth
  2. Keep the area safe and secure
  3. Expand and improve infrastructure

WMPID focuses on these objectives with every plan, every project, and every initiative for the greater good of the community. WMPID works hard and effectively to support the community that it helps to grow. 

Accomplishment Highlights

  • Collaboration to Quickly Solve Traffic Challenges at Intersection of FM 2978 & Tamina Road. WMPID had a very dangerous intersection at FM 2978 and Tamina Road for turning traffic, including school bus traffic, due to construction. With the Precinct Commissioner and WMPID Board acting as a driving force, state and local entities met and came to an agreement within an hour for a temporary traffic signal. The temporary light was erected in only 90 days.
  • Website Launched as a Streamlined Tool for Developers and Business Owners. The website launched in April 2020 was designed to facilitate and promote ease of business in WMPID. It showcases the properties available to be developed, the talents and availability of employees, and the types of businesses, services, and manufacturing that WMPID seeks. The site includes a free geographic information system (GIS) planning tool to deliver in-depth demographics to site selectors, business owners, and developers.
  • $27K Grant for Swift Water Rescue Boat. After the need for such a craft was made evident by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, WMPID awarded the grant to the Precinct 5 Constables Office for the purchase of an inflatable swift water rescue boat for its newly trained rescue team in support of public safety.
  • Mounted Patrol to Add Another Layer of Security for the Westwood Village Shopping Center. In October 2020, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol was funded by WMPID to provide extra eyes and ears to prevent criminal activity in the community’s commercial and residential areas. 
  • Additional Deputy and Vehicle to Support Growth. With growth, came the need for expanded safety measures. WMPID, following its commitment to growth and safety, paid for an additional deputy in reaction to the evolving needs of the community.
  • Sheriff Substation and Deputy at Westwood Village Shopping Center. In order to increase the safety of the shopping center, WMPID negotiated the allocation of the space for the substation, and continues to fund the salaries of the four deputies and administrative support employees needed to staff it. The substation is open for the use of all Montgomery County Sheriff Office deputies to help them better perform their duties. When the Texas sun relentlessly heated up the space, WMPID paid $1300 to tint the windows and apply decals.
  • Western Magnolia Parkway Ladder TruckEnhanced Fire Safety. When the need for a ladder truck arose because of the construction of apartment buildings and a hotel, WMPID spent $350,000 to purchase one. WMPID also paid to have new fire hydrants added on the northside of FM1488 across from Westwood Village Shopping Center.
  • Honea Egypt Lane And Sendera Ranch Road Expansion and Signal. To reduce congestion and increase safety, the District constructed the expansion of Honea-Egypt Lane in the District’s boundary to a four-lane road with a dedicated turning lane. A traffic signal at the intersection of Honea-Egypt Lane and Sendera Ranch Road was also added. WMPID funded the $3,426,700 project.
  • Research Forest Drive Median Improvements. Recognizing the need for improved safety for emergency vehicles turning into the ER, WMPID funded $55,600 to construct median paving improvements at the turn lane.
  • Regional Detention Basin. In a joint partnership, the District helped to solve drainage issues for commercial property owners and schools on Egypt Lane. The Regional Detention Basin Partnership addressed drainage issues for a local school, church, and a business and shopping development. New flooding has been successfully prevented thanks to this $1,200,000 project.
  • Egypt Lane Expansion. This two-lane road was expanded with additional travel lanes and a continuous left-turn lane in order to improve access coming from the main traffic artery and the Woodlands, and to give greater access to shopping areas. Storm sewer improvements were also made to reroute drainage away from detention ponds that were being overwhelmed at Ellisor Elementary School as part of this $2,672,000 project funded by WMPID.
  • Research Forest Drive R-Turn Lane. This project was imperative to prevent motorists from dangerously driving on the shoulder to complete right-turns and to relieve congestion at the intersection of Research Forest Drive and Egypt Lane caused by parent pickup traffic for Ellisor Elementary. The project funded by WMPID for $702,900 included the purchase and installation of a new traffic signal mast arm to accommodate the expanded roadway.
  • $8M Woodtrace Boulevard Extension. WMPID is funding the four-stage estimated 3-mile road construction project for $8 million to add another much-needed east/west thoroughfare for the county to alleviate the congestion caused by increased traffic on FM 1488.

The Westwood-Magnolia area is a booming, vibrant community because WMPID promotes and implements economic development, and responds to needs effectively. WMPID’s success is a testament to its responsiveness, creativity, and flexibility in executing solutions.

To explore the other ways WMPID is focused on safety and how you or your business would benefit from being located in this Texas community, visit their website here.