Safety in Texas was Boosted When WMPID Awarded $27K Grant for Swift Water Rescue Boat

Safety in Texas was Boosted When WMPID Awarded $27K Grant for Swift Water Rescue Boat Main Photo

16 Sep 2020

The Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) continues its support of public safety for the region by awarding a $27,204.50 grant to the Precinct 5 Constables Office for the purchase of an inflatable swift water rescue boat for its newly trained rescue team.

The need for a watercraft like this became clear during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. While the Constables Office worked tirelessly to rescue victims trapped by flood waters, their scope of service was limited to areas that could be reached by their large aluminum boat and retired 5 ton military truck. Residents and business owners trapped in areas with more shallow —  yet still immensely dangerous — flood waters were inaccessible.

With the one boat and truck, and the general lack of inflatable boats throughout Montgomery County, wait times for rescue services also ran long. The addition of the swift water rescue boat to Precinct 5’s resources will improve response times as well as scope of service.

Because of the attention to service and commitment to community safety displayed by WMPID and Precinct 5 Constables Office, greater emergency preparedness is on the horizon for the region. The Constables Office reports that the boat is on order and the swift water rescue team has completed its training. As soon as they take delivery of the boat and motor — projected for early November — they will be fully operational. 

“WMPID has played a huge role in our ability to better serve this great community by providing funds to purchase this boat that will be utilized for water rescues during a flood event,” said Constable Chris Jones. “We greatly appreciate WMPID for their support and dedication to not only my department but to the members of this community.”

WMPID and the Precinct 5 Constables Office serve the community by analyzing the past and preparing for the future. Their goal is to lessen the impact of disasters and to design coordinated approaches that optimize resources, time, and efforts. With the new swift water rescue boat and team, the Constables Office has the potential to save the maximum number of lives and property during a flood. This includes residents and business owners, and those trapped in vehicles on flooded roadways. Their scope of service has become just that much broader, making the safety of the community just that much greater.

To explore the other ways WMPID is focused on safety and how you or your business would benefit from being located in this community, visit their website here.