WMPID’s Focus on Safety Shines the Spotlight on Deputy Pamela Munson of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

WMPID’s Focus on Safety Shines the Spotlight on Deputy Pamela Munson of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Main Photo

18 Dec 2020


Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) furthers its mission to support infrastructure and public safety for the area in many ways. Because enhancing the safe and secure shopping environment is one of the District’s top priorities, WMPID funds the Westwood Village Shopping Center’s sheriff substation and personnel, and pays for full-time deputies and patrol cars to improve the safety of its many businesses and residents alike. WMPID has also recently provided funds for a swift water rescue boat and a mounted patrol.

Funding and programs are vitally important, but it is the quality of the officers that determines ultimate success. It is a symbiotic relationship—one of support and give and take. The WMPID’s support of law enforcement gives them optimal tools to protect and serve, and the excellence of the Sheriff’s Office uses the tools for topnotch security and job performance.

Pamela Munson, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Deputy, is one such officer who serves and protects WMPID. She has been a WMPID contract deputy for nearly two years. She started her law enforcement career later in life after raising her kids, and appreciates the opportunity to give back to the community through the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department.  

“The WMPID is a wonderful area in which to live and work,” Deputy Munson said. “It still feels small and comfortable while having access to everything you could want in shopping, restaurants, banking, vehicle care, medical and more. If you want to step into the Woodlands you can. You also have access to Houston or major airports without having to live in it all. But you don't have to leave often because the WMPID has you covered for anything you could need.”

“The growth here is impressive!” Deputy Munson said. She remembers when “FM 1488 was only one lane each way.”

With holiday shopping in full swing, Deputy Munson shared her top recommendations for how people can safeguard themselves and their property as they are out and about.

“The best way to protect yourself is to lock your valuables out of sight while shopping,” Deputy Munson said. “Also, pay attention while walking to and from your vehicle and do not let your phone be a distraction.” 

When asked how the mounted patrol has impacted safety in WMPID, she said, “It has added visibility and positive interactions with the community and provides extra security during the holiday season.”  

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To explore the other ways WMPID is focused on safety and how you or your business would benefit from being located in this community, visit their website here.