WMPID Adds Drone to Its Toolkit

WMPID Adds Drone to Its Toolkit Main Photo

30 Jun 2021


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as UAVs, but more commonly referred to as drones, are meant to carry out tasks that range from the mundane to the ultra-dangerous. Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) just added a drone to their toolkit as another resource for bolstering economic development.

“It will add another dimension to promoting and advancing economic development in the District,” said Rob Eissler, WMPID Executive Director.

WMPID’s drone, made specifically for photography, will allow Eissler to get a bird’s eye view of the District. 

“It’s essentially an extremely mobile camera that will take our view beyond street-level to be able to highlight businesses in a novel way and to monitor ongoing construction projects,” said Eissler. “Those photos will be really great for marketing. We’ll be able to show the District to developers in a whole new way.”

Aerial photos can also streamline the process for creating 3D renderings of projects to aid in the proposal process. They allow architects, site managers, and labor workers to communicate with better clarity and detail.

But to get to work, a drone needs a pilot, and Eissler is that pilot for WMPID. He had to take a two-week course and pass a test with the FAA.

“I have other aviation licenses and this process was about as hard as it gets,” said Eissler. “The ‘where and when’ to fly is the art of it, though.”

Eissler went on to describe some of the features of the drone. “It is constantly monitoring its battery usage to make sure it has enough power to return to its launch site. In fact, it comes back to the same place within inches. It can be using as many as 12 - 20 satellites at the same time for navigation.”

WMPID will also use the drone to keep its website fresh and up-to-date since aerials are a great way to spark online interest. As is true for many things, a shift in perspective can produce rippling benefits.

To explore the other ways WMPID is focused on economic development and how your business would benefit from being located in this Texas community, visit their website here.