Governor Abbott Proclaims Small Business Week in Texas, WMPID Concurs

Governor Abbott Proclaims Small Business Week in Texas, WMPID Concurs Main Photo

21 May 2021


In a press release, Governor Greg Abbott invited all Texans to celebrate the unique role small businesses play in the economic resurgence in communities throughout the state as he issued a proclamation officially designating May 9–15 as “Small Business Week in Texas.”

Governor Abbott was quoted in the press release:

“An amazing 99.8% of businesses in the Lone Star State are small businesses. They are the heart of every Texas community, and their continuing resilience drives local job creation and fuels our mighty economy. Men and women willing to take a risk, to dig deep into their own pockets, and stake their future on an idea, have long written the story of Texas. That pioneering spirit in our small town downtowns to our big city centers still fuels our shared prosperity today. As we unleash the Texas economy, I am proud to celebrate small business growth in Texas. When small businesses succeed, Texas succeeds.”

For Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID), this week marked a time to reflect on all that the District accomplishes to cultivate its pro-business community . 

“WMPID is in the business of small business,” said Rob Eissler, Executive Director of WMPID.

WMPID is an excellent place for small businesses to thrive because of the support they receive in the form of:

  1. Infrastructure. WMPID has funded increased access to local businesses that has generated an additional $573 million in revenue. An example is the revenue increase at Westwood Village Shopping Center: It has netted $1.494 billion in District revenue, 38 percent of which is attributable to improved access. Continuing opportunities for increased revenue generation are developed as infrastructure improvements connect surrounding cities to businesses within the District. The $8 million Woodtrace Boulevard Extension project is currently underway to add another much-needed east/west thoroughfare for the county.
  2. Improved public safety. Businesses thrive when community members feel safe shopping and dining, and while traveling about. WMPID has promoted public safety by investing in new traffic signals, turn lanes, and roads, and by financially supporting the deputy substation and Mounted Patrol at the Westwood Village Shopping Center. They have also invested in a new deputy car and swift water rescue boat, as well as enhanced fire safety with a ladder truck and new hydrants.
  3. Cost-saving strategies. WMPID business members have also saved money through the work of WMPID. WMPID’s agreement with the City of Conroe allows landowners to avoid annexation and Conroe city property taxes through 2036. With the ladder truck WMPID purchased, better fire safety ratings were achieved and lower insurance costs were possible for local businesses. WMPID is also willing to enter into Section 380 agreements where subsequent sales tax revenues are used to reimburse development.  
  4. Solution generation. When business and landowners bring challenges to WMPID, they know from past experiences that a solution will be found quickly. As an example, WMPID was instrumental in solving drainage issues that were causing problems for a local church, school, and businesses. The improvement also made further business development possible.
  5. Resource and partnership connections. Business and landowners can contact WMPID for assistance with site selection, problem-solving, and access to grants and other financial incentives. WMPID can readily connect them with local economic development partners.
  6. Grants. WMPID has grants available to help local business and landowners. As an example, funds were given to the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership to assist with land preservation and the promotion of ecotourism within the District.

The Westwood-Magnolia area is a booming, vibrant community perfect for small business because WMPID promotes and implements economic development and responds to needs effectively and efficiently. The success of local business owners and entrepreneurs is a testament to WMPID’s responsiveness, creativity, and flexibility in executing solutions.

To explore the other ways WMPID is focused on safety and how you or your business would benefit from being located in this Texas community, visit their website here.

Resources from the Governor’s Office for Small Business

The Governor's Office has resources like the Small Business Webinar Resource Library, the Small Business Resource Portal, the Office of Small Business Assistance, and much more that can all be found here.