2023 Update: Recent Projects Prove WMPID is Here to Help

2023 Update: Recent Projects Prove WMPID is Here to Help Main Photo

29 Aug 2023


Through key projects, the Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) has created a measurable difference throughout the district it serves. Since the start of the year, WMPID has launched impactful construction projects and provided vital safety equipment for local law enforcement.

Founded in 2003 as a partnership between local governments and the state, the Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) supports infrastructure and public safety projects in the area of the FM 1488/2978 junction. By responding to the needs of the community, WMPID funds projects that help businesses and residents thrive.  

WMPID is directed by leadership that is perceptive and responsive to community needs. A Board of Directors and an Executive Team work together to oversee the implementation of WMPID’s mission. Previous projects have resulted in a significant mobility increase at the Westwood Village Shopping Center, a local business cornerstone featuring a variety of stores, including office supplies, clothing, pet, and consumer goods. Through collaboration with local law enforcement and attention to aesthetic details, WMPID has also increased the safety and overall appearance of the area.

WMPID’s Latest Project; Woodtrace Boulevard Expansion 

Over the last year, WMPID funded a 3-mile road construction project, part of the Woodtrace Boulevard expansion. The project is a partnership between WMPID and Montgomery County Precinct 2. WMPID has successfully completed its $7.2 M portion of the project and has turned it over to Precinct 2 to complete the final paving of the project.

In essence, the project will extend Woodtrace Boulevard to FM 2978 and add another east/west thoroughfare to alleviate the congestion caused by traffic on FM 1488. Traffic volume on FM 1488 is expected to increase with the more than 5,000 new homes planned and/or under construction in the area. Designed for anticipated and current community needs, the completed project will meet growing transportation demands, and allow residents and workers to have a more efficient commute.

The Woodtrace Boulevard expansion demonstrates WMPID’s commitment to infrastructure and public safety projects. To add to the quality of the project, the road will be paved with concrete instead of asphalt. Because concrete is more durable and lasts longer than asphalt, the road will require less maintenance and will be safer for drivers.

Through partnership projects with other government entities like the Woodtrace Boulevard expansion, WMPID can create better pathways for local travel and serve its community best.

WMPID Has More Plans in Place to Improve the District

WMPID has many more projects in the works. Recently, WMPID launched the Tamina Road improvement project. Created to address the congestion and safety issues of the area between FM1488 and FM2978, the $7–10 million project will improve access by adding left turn lanes, bike paths, and walking paths. More importantly, the new pedestrian walkways will give residents and visitors an easier way to access retail businesses along Tamina Road, including the Farmers Market, Brick & Brew, Magnolia Eats & Treats, Wing Nuts, and others.

WMPID was created to improve the lives of residents, visitors, and community members through local infrastructure projects. To learn more about how WMPID can help business leaders and residents, click here.