WMPID Board Approves Grant to Lake Creek Greenway Partnership; Creating Accessible Recreation

WMPID Board Approves Grant to Lake Creek Greenway Partnership; Creating Accessible Recreation Main Photo

25 Sep 2023


The Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District Board (WMPID) has approved another grant to the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership, allotting $5,000 to the development and improvement of the west trails in the greenway system. As one of WMPID’s latest efforts to improve the quality of life in the district, the grant will go towards improving access to outdoor recreation for residents and tourists.

The Lake Creek Greenway Partnership collaborates with area property owners, businesses, developers, government, non-profits, and residents to help preserve floodplain systems and improve recreational and business opportunities. More specifically, the organization achieves these goals by utilizing best development practices, directly informed by the creek and adjacent floodplain.

By supporting organizations like the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership, WMPID helps create the long-term infrastructure behind a happy, healthy community. With the proper preservation and management of current preserves and greenspaces, residents enjoy a plethora of benefits while reducing the collective costs of flood damage and water quality maintenance.

Lake Creek Greenway Partnership; Current and Future Plans

Created to promote education and informed stewardship of the Lake Creek Watershed, the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership has robust plans in place to achieve its mission. The current phase of their strategic plan is to increase low-impact access to flood-prone areas of the preserve; WMPID’s assistance will help the organization achieve this objective. In addition, the organization is working with WMPID and the county to develop a permanent educational facility close to the preserve and trails. By doing so, the organization will create a space for potential educational programs for residents and schools.

In the future, the organization hopes to improve boat access to Lake Creek and implement dynamic programming. A major program the organization hopes to implement is a youth fishing program in coordination with Fishing's Future. Through this program, participants would be taught about the connection between clean water and fishing sustainability. To supplement existing education about the natural landscape, the organization hopes to give informed presentations on local birds, animals, edible species, and proper yard stewardship. The organization also has plans in place to develop Texas Educated Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) related programs for area schools, as well as development opportunities for Lone Star College students.

WMPID Helps Improve Infrastructure; Providing Support for a Thriving Community

Because of the Lake Creek Greenway Partnership, residents and visitors alike can enjoy clean landscapes and recreational opportunities. Furthermore, successive prospects for development are abundant. As a natural by-product of the greenway’s development, new outdoor recreation or nature-based businesses could follow.

With continued partnerships between WMPID and local organizations, new possibilities, goals, and programs are always possible. To learn more about how WMPID improves the quality of life for its residents, click here.