Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District Enhances Safety with Innovative Measures

Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District Enhances Safety with Innovative Measures Main Photo

23 Feb 2024

Safety and security is of the utmost importance for the Westwood Magnolia Improvement District (WMPID). Whether you’re shopping, dining, driving, or walking, we want your visit to be safe and enjoyable. We’re announcing some additional safety and security measures to continue our dedication to projects that benefit the businesses and community members living, working, and shopping in the area.

More Mounted Patrol Units

We’re adding more equestrian units to our team! In 2020, we launched a partnership with Alpha and Omega Mounted Patrol. The company has served as an important part of the security team at the Westwood Village Shopping Center, so we’re adding them to other high traffic locations. Alpha and Omega Mounted Patrol is one of the top names in security with over 30 years of public safety.

“We are pleased that the Board of Directors believes in being proactive when it comes to crime prevention and sees the benefit of adding more mounted patrol units to our security team,” said Kelly Hamann, Deputy Director of WMPID. “The units stationed in the Westwood Village Shopping Center have provided such a wonderful experience for our businesses and community members, so we are looking forward to expanding.

“This isn’t just about additional policing, but is a strategic move to increase visibility and accessibility of law enforcement in the district,” said Rob Eissler, Executive Director of WMPID. Mounted patrol units are known for their ability to navigate areas that are challenging for motorized vehicles to access which adds another layer of surveillance and responsiveness.

Additionally, the mounted units are trained to engage with the public, offering coloring books and trading cards to children, and of course, interaction with the horses. We hope that the presence of horses in these new areas help to foster a closer relationship between law enforcement and community members, encouraging engagement and cooperation. The new units are financed by the local sales tax and you’ll start to see them soon.

License Plate Readers: Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Safety

To complement the mounted patrols, WMPID and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) are also rolling out automatic license plate readers mounted on police vehicles that are dedicated to WMPID. These sophisticated devices are capable of capturing and analyzing license plate information in real-time, aiding in the identification and apprehension of suspects involved in criminal activities. By integrating this technology, we hope to deter criminal behavior, solve crimes more efficiently, and ultimately enhance the safety and security of the area.

Our Partnership with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Our safety and security measures are possible with the support and work of the MCSO. MCSO’s partners with us through an inter-local agreement for additional patrol staffing within our boundaries. MCSO has a zero tolerance approach to violent crime and adopts a “can do'' attitude, working with the community, homeowners, and businesses to solve law enforcement problems within the county. Four Sheriff’s Deputies and 4 patrol cars consistently patrol the area, respond to calls for service, and take a proactive stance against criminal activity, which help our businesses succeed.

Investing in Safety and Security

WMPID will continue to invest in safety and security while improving access to the District, fulfilling its mission as a gateway to The Woodlands, Magnolia and Woodforest.

To explore the other ways WMPID focuses on safety and improvements and to see how you or your business would benefit from being in our Texas community, visit our website. Please follow us on LinkedIn for current news and project updates.