WMPID is Cultivating Prosperity with Local Business Support and Incentives

WMPID is Cultivating Prosperity with Local Business Support and Incentives Main Photo

15 Dec 2023

The team here at Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID) would like to thank the small businesses for the joy they bring to residents and their profound effect on the local economy. We are excited to welcome another holiday season and know our work in the District will keep shoppers safe. We encourage residents and visitors alike to support local businesses as they venture out to do their holiday shopping.

Here at WMPID, our work is dedicated to enhancing the economic landscape and fostering the growth of local businesses. Since 2003, we’ve funded and completed projects that help businesses and residents thrive through public safety, infrastructure improvement, accessibility, and even the overall appearance of the District.

How we support local businesses

One of the primary ways we support local businesses is by investing in infrastructure upgrades. Whether it’s enhancing street aesthetics, improving signage, adding safety resources, or upgrading public spaces, these improvements create an inviting atmosphere that draws in residents and visitors.

We also offer unique support and incentives besides those provided by Montgomery County and the State of Texas. In the past, we have:

  • Helped businesses pass through property taxes, allowing entrepreneurs and investors to develop secondary businesses.
  • Paid for road construction for HEB with the sales tax revenue that’s been produced and has also made road improvements up front.

We are hyper-focused on supporting our businesses and creating a community where people want to live, work, shop, and visit.

Help us support local businesses!

The Westwood Magnolia Improvement District isn't just a collection of streets and buildings – it's a dynamic entity actively invested in the success of local businesses. Through infrastructure enhancements, community events, collaborative marketing, networking opportunities, financial incentives, and advocacy, the WMPID is a driving force behind the economic prosperity of our community. For a list of businesses that call the District home, visit our directory.